1956 (Showa 31)

September 30 Yumoto-cho, hot spring village, Miyagi Nomura, Sengokuhara-mura, 5 or merger of towns and villages of Hakone-machi, "Hakone-machi" birth (a population of 16,491 people, area 94.03km2)
November 15 Kisaku Ishimura takes office as the mayoral election execution, the first mayor

1957 (Showa 32)

March 31 Uenoyama, Miyagino council house completion
April 1 Moto-Hakone kindergarten open
May 30 Hakone Elementary School school building new construction
July 20 Hakone-machi agriculture committee setting
September 10 Boy scout is born in town
September 20 The first town councillor election execution (single-member electorate system)
October 10 Yumoto Junior High School gymnasium completion

1958 (Showa 33)

February 11 Town chapter establishment
March 31 Sengokuhara Ohara council house completion
April 1 Hakone kindergarten opening of the park

1959 (Showa 34)

December 24 Shinmachi construction basic plan development

1960 (Showa 35)

April 1 The medium and small-sized business small sum financing facility foundation (current medium and small-sized business financing facility)
August 9 Hot spring kindergarten nursery school building completion
September 22 We are appointed to Hakone old way, country designated cultural assets
October 19 Miyagino Elementary School school building new construction
October 28 The mayoral election execution (Kisaku Ishimura reelection)

1961 (Showa 36)

June 27 We assume the congressist fixed number decrease regulations the approval, 26 member of the Diet fixed number
July 14 Yumoto small water-supply system business completion, water supply start
August 11 Hakone-machi forestry owners' association setting
September 20 The town councillor election execution (it becomes the single-member electorate system abolition, one ward of whole town)

1962 (Showa 37)

February 15 Hakone Meisei Junior High School gymnasium completion
March 12 We declare road safety city
May 21 Road safety city promotion meeting establishment

1963 (Showa 38)

February 20 We appoint five "book of paper on which a painting is painted sumi painting prohibition" others as town designated cultural assets for the first time
August 31 In Ashinoyu, human waste processing facility is completed
December 18 In Ashinoyu, it is succeeded by town-managed hot spring digging

1964 (Showa 39)

February 29 Miyagino nursery school nursery school building completion
March 31 Hakone-machi comprehensive plan development (aiming at town planning mainly composed of sightseeing)
July 4 We cooperate with Abutacho, Hokkaido at sisters sightseeing spot
July 14 Sengokuhara Junior High School gymnasium completion
November 10 The mayoral election execution (Ichiro Kamei election)

1965 (Showa 40)

February 28 Moto-Hakone council house completion
March 31 In Ashinoyu, useless thing incineration site is completed
May 28 We open to the public as town government enterprise attached to the Hakone barrier reconstruction, museum
June 29 We open tourist information center in Osaka
August 1 Hot spring supply start town-managed in Ashinoyu district
August 10 Hakone-machi Tourism Association establishment
November 30 "Toko hermitage Kumano honorific title of a Japanese god historic site" is appointed to town designated cultural assets "Euterpnosia chibensis and habitation place"
December 21 The Hakone-machi Ikuei scholarship system foundation